As promised, my Memorial Day beach cupcakes!  We celebrated K & J’s birthday with a tasty, sandy treat on the sunny beaches of Santa Monica!

Surprisingly, these were actually pretty easy to make.  Using my inspiration from Friday’s post, I chose to make a yellow cake with a traditional american buttercream frosting.  I wanted to use a light color frosting so I could die half of it blue for th water.  Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting would have been another tasty combo.

I baked the cupcakes in typical fashion and made the frosting as the cupcakes were cooling.  I divided the frosting in half and died half blue (for the water) and left the other half the natural butter cream color.  I started by icing half of each cupcake with the natural buttercream.

I then rolled the iced side in a plate of brown sugar to create the sandy texture.  Not onlydid this look perfect but it also tasted yummy on the icing.  (I need to find some more ways to use brown sugar in decorating.  Any ideas?)

After I finished the sand they looked like this.

The next step was to add the water.  I put the blue icing in a bag and used a standard tip #103.  I picked this one just because I had it in my baking drawer and it looked like I could make some waves with it.

For the final touch I added a gummy coke bottle, gummy lifesaver (for an inner-tube) and an umbrella.

They were perfect for our beach party and really brightened everyone’s day!  ‘Till next time…surf’s up!