Wilton Decorating Basics Class

Last night I attended my first Wilton Baking Class, Decorating Basics, at my local Michael’s store.   It is a four-week class, meeting one time a week for two hours.  It was $22.50, which compared to other school’s is extremely cheap.  However, you also have to buy a $24.99 beginner student baking set.  At this point all in for four classes it is still pretty cheap.  Our teacher Thelma, is EXTREMELY qualified, nice and funny.

Class one was all lecture, but Thelma was funny and made the two hours fly by.  I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to decorate anything last night, but I was given some helpful tips.  We received a free course booklet, with helpful tips on tools, icing, and baking.  I definitely felt pushed to buy more Wilton, this and that, but Thelma did a great job of explaining what was necessary and what could wait.  A kitchen-aid mixer was deemed necessary, but mine is in Texas, so I will be using an old school hand held for the time being.

After class Thelma walked us down the decorating isle and pointed out the things we needed.  I ended up spending another $50.  So all in was just over $100 for four classes.  I think I will get my money out of it and get to keep everything I bought.

I’ll keep you posted.  Next week’s class requires me to bring an 8″ cake and two batches of home made icing.  This could get messy!  I can’t wait!