While the cakes defrosted on the counter, I set my sites high for making not only the most chocolate-y icing for this blackout cake, but also the most chocolate-y filling.  While I do not think the inside of my cake will look exactly like the original I do know it is going to be very chocolate-y and definitely a black out, especially for those that do not enjoy chocolate as much as I do.  It just might be more of a brown-out.

I was not able to take as many pictures of Part 2 as most of it consisted of melting chocolate over the stove using a double boiler.  But if you don’t have a double boiler (like me) then you have to ad lib and that is what I did.  So for the majority of this part I was holding a stainless steel bowl above a pot of hot, not simmering, water (as the recipe calls for).  But I did snap a pic after I iced the 3 layer cake.

Mine was made using 9” pans which explain why it is not as tall as the original.  I then applied the crumbs.  I think it turned out very well for the first time and can’t wait to make it again, but maybe for a paying customer?!  Is that asking too much?

Hopefully when it’s cut it will look like this…

Here’s to hoping…and brown outs!

UPDATE: It was in deed a black out people!!!!!  I HIGHLY recommend this cake and for just $45 I can make it for you!!!!!

Missing a layer, but you get the idea