In an effort to support the Lakers, as well as practice my custom sugar cookie decorating techniques, I made Lakers themed cookies for the game tonight.

Practice and patience is key when it comes to decorating cookies and I am working on both of those elements.  For these cookies I used the store bought cookie dough, to save time, and made my usual royal icing.  I did these without a stencil keep in mind and think they are pretty good for free-hand.  For paying jobs of course a stencil would be used to make the logos perfect. 

Disclaimer**Freehand decorations  – – and these are VERY detailed pictures**

Purple lining vs. yellow lining. 

I also tried out a couple of initial cookies that I thought would be cute for parties and gifts.  They happen to be Lakers colors since that is what I was using, but pretty good for a first go around.

Comment with your ideas below and I’ll see what I can do.  Practice makes perfect!