GO USA!  For anyone that missed the game yesterday, or failed to watch the 91st minute, you missed an amazing goal.  After the US game, here at work, we watched Germany beat Ghana, which means we advance to play Ghana (the better situation for the US).

I am sure they were celebrating the big win at Red Bull as well, where Melanie works, but I know they were also celebrating the Director of Motor Sports 40th birthday, who happens to be from Germany.  What a great day for him!  He did not only get to see Germany win, he also got a special birthday cake.

The point of all this you ask?  Well guess who was in charge of making the birthday cake?  Baked Sugar of course!  A German Chocolate Cake with a German flag was ordered.  And that is exactly what they got.  While I am still working hard on my cake decorating skills, I am not ashamed to say this cake came from me.  The best part?  The German flag that adorns the top of the German Chocolate Cake.

This is a four layer Ger man Chocolate cake with pecan/coconut filling between each layer.  The side of the cake is iced with a homemade chocolate icing.  The flag was made with vanilla buttercream icing and some of the left over chocolate icing for the black stripe.

The hardest part about this was the border on top of the gooey, sticky pecan/coconut filling.  The filling made it really hard to make a pretty border.  Also, I do not have the “red red” Wilton icing.  I only have the “red”, which apparently makes pink.  But do not fret, I ordered the “red red” this morning.  So no more pink German flags.

I was also running out of icing so I made do with what I had (which explains the multi color shell border).  I just learned the shell border in my Wilton class this week, so it was my first time on a real cake.  I think it came out OK.  It would have been better had I not been so stingy with my icing, and just made more.  So for next time, now I know, don’t go skimpy on the icing.  Enjoy!