My family’s in France.  Why am I not there you ask?  Because I just quit my job and am starting my own business so I can’t afford to take week long vacays to Paris and London.  Priorities people!!!  But a big shout out to Mom, Dad, Mel, Brette and Paige who are frolicking around France at the moment!

And what’s the best part about them being in France?  Laduree – the best maker of the best French Macaroons in the world!  Seriously they are the best.  At about $35 for a box of six, and a twenty minute line up out the door, they should be awesome!  I know I can expect a box of these (maybe half eaten if Mel is in charge) upon their return on Sunday.  Their boxes are keepsakes and their macaroons are sinful, and the store is not too shabby either!

Here’s to wishing and hoping to being on the Champs Elysees!

Or in Versailles

Or even in London

And definitely to enjoying some of these at the end of the week!

LAM - this one is for you!