It’s official!  Last night I graduated from Wilton’s Decorating Basics class with flying colors.  We didn’t get grades but if we did I would have gotten an A+.  Seriously!  I not only passed but was granted permission to sign up for class number two, Flowers.  Last night I learned how to make the Wilton Ribbon Rose.  As you can see, each rose takes its own shape and they are all equally beautiful, even if they don’t look exactly like the picture.

Wilton Ribbon Rose

My Ribbon Rose

I chose to do a Canyon (where I work) themed cake since I would be bringing the cake into work.  I first made my roses and placed them on the cake.

The reason my roses have some cracking edges is because my icing had too much meringue powder in it, making it too stiff.  While it looks like I meant to do this I did not.  I like the way my roses turned out, but they are not perfect ribbon roses.  To get the Canyon Mountain on the cake I printed out the logo and used it as a pattern and traced it on the cake.   The purpose was to try both the tracing and the roses, so both of these ended up on my cake, even if they don’t go that well together.

I used piping gel, died blue, to fill in the Canyon Mountain.  I am not a fan of this look so next time I will use my butter cream icing.  Perhaps the star tip like I did on the German Chocolate Cake flag?  I think the piping gel looks messy and un-clean.  Ohh well.  They make it for some reason and Thelma told me to use it.  I just don’t care for it.

My next class starts on Tuesday, and it is all roses!  So get ready, I am!