Well there you have it peeps!!!!  LeBron is going to the Heat.  Say what you want…he’s betrayed Cleveland, he will not win a national championship, the whole decision process was unnecessary, but he is still a GREAT player and my favorite!  I hope he is happy since that is what he seemed to have based his decision upon.  I also hope that Wade, Bosh and even LeBron know what they are doing in taking pay cuts to play together.  This spirit of generosity and sharing needs to continue past practice #1, game #1, and season #1 and with great amazing players with big egos…I am scared this sharing spirit will not last long.  We’ll see but if you ask me GO MIAMI!!!!!

Here are the special cupcakes I made today in support of LeBron and Miami!  Enjoy!

a4249ff2-1.jpg picture by bakedsugar