How does one master an Oreo cupcake?  I used my resources and made three different versions and brought them to work for a taste testing!  I chose to make an Oreo butter cream frosting for all of them because I liked the look and the taste.  It tasted like the cream from the middle of the Oreo, and looked amazing!  For the cakes I switched it up a bit.

c16bee10-1.jpg picture by bakedsugar

The frosting looks similar to the granite in this picture, but don't be confused. It was sugary goodness!

Cupcake 1 had a whole Oreo at the bottom of the cup.  (place Oreo in paper cup, plop batter on top and bake)

Cupcake 2 had had half an Oreo at the bottom of the cup.  (twist Oreo and place the half with the cream, cream side up in the bottom of the cup.  save the other half for the icing).

Cupcake 3 had bits of smashed up Oreo mixed in with the cake.

All in I liked Cupcake 1 or 2 the best.  Cupcake 1 looked awesome when it was bit into, so in appearance it wins!  The smashed up Oreo was not the favorite as the cookie parts stayed pretty crunchy.  That mixed with the soft cake was not the best in my opinion.  Again the frosting was the!

b2676049.jpg picture by bakedsugar

Happy Monday!