Below is my first attempt at some oooeyyy gooey cinnamon rolls.

This recipe comes all the way from Hawaii and from word of mouth I have heard it is the best.  While I did not follow the recipe exactly, I did pretty much what it said and they turned out YUMMY!  I think next time I might put more butter in the dough though.  I will also make larger rolls to increase the gooyiness.  To do this I would need to roll my dough at into a bigger rectangle to create a larger log.  You’ll get it after you read the recipe.  The butter/sugar mix is amazing, but I had way to much butter left over so you don’t need to melt that much (in my opinion), but I did use all the sugar.

I used quick rise yeast and could have baked them last night if I had wanted to.  The rolls doubled in size in about 30-45 minutes so you do not need to let them sit overnight.  I did however because I wanted to bake them fresh this AM to bring into work.  I also made the icing this AM.  I left the orange out though due to personal taste and just added some vanilla instead.  They are pretty good, especially after heating them in the microwave for 10 seconds.  YUM Gooiness Fun!

Just rolled and placed in the pan they look like this:

33f3eec9.jpg picture by bakedsugar

After rising – – ready to go in the oven:


Out of the oven, ready to eat:

6b059edb.jpg picture by bakedsugar

Right out of the oven, iced and ready to go!

PS.  If you count how many different times I spelled goo-y-ness wrong you get a prize!!!!