I made it home safe and sound yesterday, with a sparkle in my eye and my sweet tooth bigger than ever!  I have big plans for this week to get everything up and going from my home base.  I will keep yall posted.

Thanks Kate and Topher for a great night on Saturday.  Hunt, Texas was the perfect resting place and watering hole (to say the least) from the long drive home.  And how much better was it that all my friends were in one place!?  Criders is a blast and I can’t wait till our return, but I am sure they are not holding their breath.

On the agenda this week for Baked Sugar…

1. Talk to the Small Business Administration (free advice is always nice)

2. Set up a bank account (money, money, money)

3. Organize the kitchen

4. Supplies

5. Secret recipe finalizations (taste testers needed)

Happy Monday everyone!