For those of you who don’t know who Thomas Keller is…go to Vegas and eat at Bouchon.  You will definitely want to know him after that!  If you have more of a ritzy taste, hit up his ever so famous French Laundry, or for the more affordable diner Ad Hoc, in Napa, California.  There is also a Bouchon Bakery in NYC that sells their delicious baked goods (including their famous macaroons).  While I have never been to either of his restaurants in Napa, I have dined at Bouchon in Vegas and LA.  I have to say Vegas is much better!  There brunch is amazing.

What?  We’re in a recession you say and you can’t make it to Vegas, NYC, LA or Napa?  Ok fine.  He has a few cook books if you are feeling adventurous, but you can also easily whip up some of his fabulous creations by just visiting Williams Sonoma.  If you go on a good day they will even have taste testers*.

Bouchon’s Waffle Mix

Bouchon Cinnamon Pecan Waffle Mix:

Bouchon Cookie Mix:

Ad Hoc cake mix: Yellow cake with Dark Chocolate is the BEST!!!

Go try these out!  They are the next best thing next to the real thing!  Thanks Williams Sonoma!


*Please note, if you go to the highland village location skip the sprinkles….Baked Sugar has better cupcakes 🙂