Hear ye hear ye….Baked Sugar announces Ya-Hoo’s.  These yummy delicious treats are a mix between a cookie and a cupcake, with a yummy frosting filling.  Similar to an oreo, but a bit cakeier, they are a delicious treat and come in the following flavors.  Look below to see the making of the red velvet Ya-Hoo’s.


Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese

Chocolate w/Peanut Butter

Chocolate w/Mint Filling

Ya-hoo’s will be available on http://www.bakedsugar.com as soon as we open!


The making of a red velvet ya-hoo.

Ya-hoo mix is placed on the baking sheet.  They appear small but after they cook and you add the frosting they turn into a large treat.

After they bake for nine minutes the batter turns into this:

To complete the Ya-Hoo’s you just whip up the frosting and add it between two Ya-Hoo patties.

add the frosting: