Have you tried the famous Goode Company chocolate pecan pie? They are delicious! They are the perfect amount of chocolate mixed with pecans and a delightfully light crust. You can get a slice of it at any Goode Co or you can buy a whole pie! The best part about getting the whole pie, in my opinion, is the wooden box packaging. Texas pride is shown all over it with the famous Goode Company saying branded into the box “You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in Texas”.
In my opinion this makes a great gift so much so that I brought one with me on my trip to Seattle to give to my boyfriend’s parents! Yep, I carried it all nicely packaged onto the plane and delivered it damage free to them yesterday. Now they can enjoy the pie and keep the box as a reminder of their son being in Texas. If you don’t want to personally deliver it you can also ship them from Goode Co’s website!

Bonus the pies can also last for up to three months without being refrigerated.

Happy hump day!