While in Vancouver, well actually on Vancouver Island, this past week, we celebrated a big 30th birthday for Roy!  It was a surprise dinner in our cabin on Saturday night.  His girlfriend went all out!  There were balloons, 30th birthday napkins, and even confetti.  To do this on a vacation was truly a special treat!

For the main course we seared tuna and served it alongside some amazing risotto.  While it was an amazing dinner, my favorite part was the cake!  We had brainstormed and decided to do a 3 and a 0 for a bit 30 cake, but didn’t know exactly what to put on it!  Now, Roy…he is a special kid!  He drove more cars in high school than Sara Woods and by far more interesting, for lack of a better word, cars.  Among his collection was a low rider truck, a Jaguar, and a special neon green Honda Del Sol.  If you knew Roy you would see how funny it would be for him to have this small Miata like car.  Roy is 6’4″.

For the cake we decided to get a picture of the green and have it put on the edible paper.  It turned out amazing and he was totally surprised!  The dinner was a blast and I think he raked in a great 30th!  Till next time!