Peanut butter cookies are one of my favorites, but they are really hard to make.  Well, I take that back, they are not hard to make just more like hard to find a good recipe.  The perfect peanut butter cookie in my mind tastes more like a peanut butter cup, not like a crispy biscotti.  Most of the ones I have baked in the past turn out too crunchy.  I think they look great when you press your fork into the top to make the cris-cross pattern (like the ones below from bakerella) but they are just too crunchy.

What I want is a nice puffy chewy gooey peanut butter perfection cookie.  And that is just what I have found!  My peanut butter cookies are just like a Reese’s pb cup just minus the chocolate.  Next I am going to add some chocolate in and see what I get but for now these are my favorite.  If you have not tried them already go ahead and order some at  You won’t regret it!

A view from the top.

Inside Gooey-ness! YUM!