The cupcake phase is here.  It has hit and they are everywhere.  It’s a fad, a trend, and hopefully one that will stick around and become a statement.  With all these new bakeries popping up and claiming to have famously delicious cupcakes it made me wonder where cupcakes actually came from.  How did they start?  Here are some questions.  See if you know the answers first and then look below for the answers.  They are some pretty interesting cupcake facts.

1. Where does the cupcake get its name from?  Is it really named for being a cake baked in a cup?

2. What were cupcakes originally iced with?

3.  Name a famous song (very famous) about cupcakes.

4. How many cupcakes are consumed in the US on a daily basis?

5. Where did cupcakes originate?  In what century?

6. Name one city where cupcakes are banned in schools to prevent obesity.

7. How many calories does the record holding largest cupcake, weighing 1224-lb have in it?


1. The name cupcake came from the idea that it was a snack that could be stored in a large cup during a baseball game.  Abner Doublday is believed to have been the first to stuff a cake down his drinking cup and run the bases with it, stopping every now and then  (perhaps at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) to reach down in his cup and have a bite of cake.

2.  Cupcakes were originally iced with a moist gravy (umm gross).

3. The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  YUM!

4. One for every adult in the US.

5. The US in the 19th century.

6. New York

7. two million

Happy Friday!