On Friday I finally got to make an order that I have been anticipating and excited about for at least a month now, football themed cupcakes for a 1 year old boy’s birthday party.  I was really excited to make these as they are were my first really themed cupcakes.  My friend who ordered them didn’t really know exactly what she wanted, but said that the party was a football party and sent me a couple of pictures from online that she had found that she liked.

Idea #1 from http://www.celebrations.com

Both were super cute.  She wanted to do 1.5 dozen cupcakes and 1 dozen mini’s so I also had sizes to work with.  This is what I came up with.  I was very excited about it and think she was as well.  It also was in the spirit of the Houston Texans who had a big game coming up vs. the Cowboys (since they they have lost….boo!) with the red and blue helmets and spirit fingers.

Go team!