My first Christmas order, 10 dozen mini cupcakes and 7 dozen cookies.  Here’s what I worked on last night and this morning.  Don’t you think you should order some too?  They have to be the cutest most original holiday gift out there!  So for those of you that don’t know what to get the office, the boss, your PTO members, just call me and order a box of holiday cheer!

Mini Wreath (chocolate with buttercream)

Trees and Wreaths

Two Dozen Christmas Trees & Wreaths

Tree of lights (vanilla with vanilla buttercream)

Tree of Lights and Christmas Trees (vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream)

Chocolate Stars (choc w/choc buttercream)

Chocolate Peppermint (choc w/choc butter cream and peppermint sprinkles)

Cookies to come tomorrow!