1. Say Thank you like you mean it.  Send cookies to co-workers, teachers, dentists, car mechanics, friends & family.  A dozen cookies never said ‘Thank You’ like anything else!

2. Be social, host dinner parties.  You make the food and let Baked Sugar handle the dessert.

3.Treat the office.   Order cookies and cupcakes occasionally to treat everyone.

4. Send baby, wedding & birthday presents on time.  Let Baked Sugar deliver the treat so you don’t forget.

5. Lose weight.  Send Baked Sugar to your friends, so you won’t be tempted :-).

6. Save money.  Order from Baked Sugar and get free delivery (in most areas) and save compared to cupcake boutiques.

7.  Be Happy!  Order yourself some Baked Sugar treats every once in a while.

Happy New Year to all!  And whatever your resolution may be…. Good Luck!


courtesy of Simply Designing