Hi!  Welcome to Baked Sugar.  My name is Jennifer and I am working on my baking skills and sharing them with you!  My passion for baking started when I was a child and has stayed with me my whole life.  Like many bakers out there, I started baking on the side, some for money and some for fun, while working full time.  But the time has come for me to take a giant leap and bake full time.  So here, I begin this baking adventure.  I only hope that the taste of my baked sugars speak for themselves and keeps customers wanting more.

Baked Sugar is soon to be a bakery based in Houston, Texas.   Please feel free to check out my website (below), and check back often, as my bakery is about to take off!

Please visit my website to order the the freshest, homemade baked sugars in the world!